Orenco Wellness Center is located in the Orenco Station Professional Tower, in the building next to New Seasons Market.

 Serving residents and professionals in the Orenco-Hillsboro neighborhoods seeking natural pain relief and massage therapy for injury recovery, accident recovery and wellness. We provide medical massage therapy to address areas of physical limitation and pain and improve performance.

Our Mission and Promise to You

To provide quality massage therapy that focuses on our clients’ health and well-being through knowledge, skill and vision, resulting in health improvement.​

The health and well-being of individuals creates healthy communities.

Benefits of Manual Massage Therapy

Relief of muscle spasm and tension
Increases joint flexibility, mobility and range of motion
Increases circulation of blood and lymph fluids
Relaxes nervous system
Reduces blood pressure
Nourishes the skin
Speeds recovery from physical exercise
Strengthens the immune system
Increases the excretion of fluids and waste products
Improves digestion
Provides nutrition for muscles, tissues, and joints
Increases energy flow
Increases the capacity for clear thinking
Reduces anxiety from stress
Eases arthritis pain

Manual Therapy / Medical Massage & Sports Injury Recovery

We specialize in medical massage, manual therapy and sports injury recovery and successfully treat –

Alleviation of chronic pain
Relief from neck, shoulder and migraine headaches
Back and low back pain
Ankle, knee and hip mobility
Relief from workplace injuries
Relief from auto accident and sports injuries
Repetitive use injuries